Who we work with

We work with organisations that are motivated by doing their best for their people and their clients. They genuinely care about the legacy they leave behind and the impact they have on the wider world.

Our partnerships vary from a few months to many years. Past and present client organisations vary in terms of culture, size, purpose and approach.

What they share is the recognition that relationships are at the heart of effective development, that traditional ways of working have only limited success, and that relational approaches are the way forward.

We also work with individuals – key decision makers, leaders and change agents – who are interested in inspiring and developing more equitable, responsible and meaningful relationships.

Our clients acknowledge that change and their ability to navigate through it, is an inevitable skill required for organisations who want future sustainability. We work with organisations and leaders to enhance skills and behaviours which develop relational leadership, cultivate resilience, and encourage success through relationship.

Here are some of our client organisations, past and present.

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