Pam Reynell

Pam is an experienced coach with 12 years of post qualification coaching under her belt. She has coached across a broad and diverse demographic with a range of cultural backgrounds through which she has discovered that coaching can really work for anyone who is ready to see change and is prepared to do something about it. Her passion is working with individuals to gain clarity and momentum towards making the changes to achieve the life they desire.

Pam brings a coaching and collaborative approach to all her work and this is foundational to her leadership style and values. She has several years experience in learning and development, training, facilitation, strategic and business planning, communication and management skills, drawn from 12 years of consultancy in organisational development, focused on people and culture. She has worked with a wide range of organisations in both the public and developmental sectors across East Africa and is now working at a local community level in her new home city of Leeds. Currently Centre Manager for the Headingley Enterprise and Arts center HEART, she is looking to provide leadership informed and guided by the community, supported by a whole person approach.

Pam seeks to create impact specifically towards integrating gender, inclusion and diversity in all our environments and raising human potential, enabling individuals and organisations to achieve their purpose and values.

Pam values respectful communication, believing in the importance of holding a safe space in which to express ourselves and listen to others. She values integrity and believes in living life in alignment with our beliefs through words and actions. She is convinced of the immense value that is creativity and using our imagination and intuition to create new things, find new solutions and think new thoughts.

Photo: Ali Smith

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