Our History

Oasis began in the 1980s. From the start the aim was to create a community that reflected the
values of openness and shared accountability. We work with this same ethos today, which guides
the kind of working relationships to which we aspire and our unique approach to learning.

Glyn Fussell, Marion Ragaliauskas and Nick Ellerby co-direct Oasis, but fundamental in shaping the Oasis approach have been:

Mario van Boeschoten, our organisational guide and mentor

Bryce Taylor, a radical educator, author, leading edge thinker and practitioner in the human development movement, and co-founder of Oasis.

John Heron, who set up the Human Potential Research Project at the University of Surrey and was instrumental in founding the Institute for the Development of Human Potential.

Will Schutz, whose instrument FIRO-B is the most widely used psychometric tool after the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator,

Eric Cassirer, a creative and inspirational figure who participated in the earliest days of the Human Potential movement.

Claire Maxwell, Zena Bernacca, Chris Neligan, Nora Bateson and Meg Wheatley.

Glyn, Marion and Nick

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