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The Seven Stage Model

An accessible introduction to the Oasis Seven Stage Model for effective working relationships. Hard copy in the download button and Audio Book in the link button.


PEERworks is a practical and informative guide to new ways of working that help distribute power and share decision making.

Steps to an Ecology of Soul

Highlighting the necessity for connecting with each other in ways that make a difference – ways that allow the soul to flourish – exploring effective oneness, moving from ‘I’ to ‘we’ and the global dimension.

Seven principles to shape the workplace of tomorrow

We are in a time of fundamental change and the future remains uncertain. This guide is designed to help shape a workplace fit for the future.

Leading and managing in the new world of work

Is the future flexible? What do managers and employees need in the new world of work? Download this research report to find out what’s working, and what else is needed for your employees to thrive.

Discovering the temperaments

Recognising and understanding your temperament can help you understand yourself and enable you to work out your questions and development needs.

The Change Agent

An important resource tool for change agents and consultants working with organisational development from a human relations perspective.

Peering into the future

Peer learning is effective, collaborative, relational and challenging.

Organisational Development: The Oasis Approach

Free download of the Oasis Approach to Organisational Development.

Team development in organisations

A comprehensive resource for anyone who is a member of a team: exploring team development processes, individual and group needs, intra-team dynamics and the impact on the whole organisation.

Whole person learning

Whole Person Learning addresses issues of globally responsible practice, leadership and practice in organisations; the value of this new paradigm in the business world and the Whole Person Learning perspective.

A whole person approach to coaching and mentoring

Exploring the Transformational Impact of a Whole Person Learning Approach to Coaching and Mentoring

Working relationships for the 21st Century

A process guide to authentic collaboration in contemporary forms of leadership. Available to buy, with a preview available for download. Please contact us if you would like to purchase this publication info@oasishumanrelations.org.uk

The Globally Responsible Leader: A call for action

The GRLI Call for Action aims at re-enforcing the strengths of our entrepreneurial system while correcting its defects and financial excesses.

Globally Responsible Leadership: A call for engagement

Key recommendations for the development of globally responsible leaders by the companies, business schools and centres for leadership learning that make up the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative.

Learning for tomorrow

Whole Person Learning is a radical and innovative approach to relationships. Learning for Tomorrow highlights the need for such a new paradigm and explores the implications of a Whole Person perspective. Available to buy, with preview to download. If you would like to purchase this publication please contact us info@oasishumanrelations.org.uk

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