Navigating Uncertainty

We are all navigating uncertain, unknown territory through the coronavirus pandemic.

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How we can help

We foster people and organisations to navigate change and work with the unknown. Do you want to make sense of your world, identify your potential and shape sustainable action? We can help you with our unique Whole Person approach through leadership programmes, co-creative consultancy, coaching and wellbeing services.

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We are pioneers of a different kind of leader development. We enable people to develop the skills they need to lead with confidence, to thrive in change and to collaborate in genuinely effective relationships, through one-to-one coaching and leadership programmes.

Leader Development with Oasis

What are you looking for?

Do you want to succeed through change? Do you want to enhance your performance? Do you want to develop global responsible practice, social innovation or authentic collaboration? We have been supporting people and organisations for over 30 years with our unique Whole Person approach.

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Our approach

We use Whole Person approaches and globally responsible leadership to create real learning and genuine impact, for individuals, organisations, and the planet.


A person-centred approach, challenging traditional perspectives on authority, power, control and gender.


Involving people at the heart of decision making, putting the learner at the heart of learning.


Working with emergent human concerns and questions at all levels of society, integrating theory, experience and practice.

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How we make a difference

Working globally and locally in Yorkshire and the north of England, we develop empowered and engaged people and organisations who are committed to people, planet and purpose beyond profit. We work with you to co-create peer-based, leaderful, networked, responsible organisations.

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