Audio Programmes

We have developed a series of short audio programmes designed to help you navigate through the challenging times in which we can find ourselves.

7 Days of Finding your balance with Glyn Fussell and Jane Bytheway, offers you a series of easy to follow mindfulness exercises to follow each day, designed to help you take a breath and find some space.

Time for you, time to find your balance, time to build resilience and calm…

None of these tried and tested mindfulness exercises require you to be religious or even to consider yourself
to be actively spiritual – all of them are about creating the best personal conditions you can so you can
thrive and do all you need to do when under pressure or isolated.

These are resources we use on our programmes, that you can now choose to try at home. Below you’ll find
an introduction that helps to set the scene. Then, every day there is a choice of three exercises ranging
from two minutes (Take a moment) to about five minutes (Take Five) with a maximum of ten minutes
duration (Take Longer) so that you can bring yourself back to a more resourceful state whenever you
choose. Just decide how long you want to spend on any particular day and find a quiet space where you
will not be disturbed.

With all these exercises, take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. We recommend that you might
want to listen to these exercises with headphones and that you don’t listen to them when you are driving.

This kind of thing always works best when it becomes woven into the fabric of our ordinary lives, so you
might want to see if you can make it a practice that happens every day. You can try a new one each day,
or you could just stick to one you really enjoy.

We hope you enjoy exploring this Oasis audio programme. We’d love to hear how you get on.



Day 1: Arriving

Take Longer: Arriving Where You Are

Take Five: Mindful Walking

Take a moment: Seated Posture

Day 2: Slowing Down

Take Longer: Mindfulness of breathing

Take Five: Dawn Chorus

Take a moment: Reset breath

Day 3: Connecting

Take Longer: 10 minute seated meditation

Take Five: Connecting with your body

Take a moment: Whole body breathing

Day 4: Using the senses

Take Longer: Tune in

Take Five: 5 senses

Take a moment: What do you see?

Day 5: Relaxed and free (body)

Take Longer: Opening the chest

Take Five: Smile into the body

Take a moment: Mountain pose

Day 6: Relaxed and free (mind)

Take Longer: Releasing anxiety

Take Five: Body scan

Take a moment: Releasing troubled thoughts

Day 7: The heart and relationships

Take Longer: Loving kindness meditation

Take Five: Heart breathing

Take a moment: Gratitude diary

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