Sarah Bryson


When working as a One-to-One Developer, Sarah’s main aim is to create a safe and open space for clients to deepen their understanding of what they are working on, help them to navigate their way through areas where they may be experiencing challenge, and help them to uncover and develop options to help them move forward with their goals and intentions.

Sarah has 20 years’ experience in leading and developing people and teams in the private sector. She has a degree in International Hospitality Management and has supported people and teams in this sector throughout her career.

In her most recent role as Operations Manager of Bettys Online, she was responsible for up to 135 people. She has a wealth of experience in all area of business management. Sarah has also experienced first hand a significant Organisational Development journey and was a key member of the team that delivered this change.

Sarah has a long affiliation with Oasis and has been on her own journey of development and learning with them, which was a fulfilling and life-changing experience. She has experienced a range of courses with Oasis, including Bettys Developing Leaders, a leadership programme run in collaboration with Bettys and Taylors.

In 2015, Sarah successfully completed Coaching and Mentoring with Head, Heart and Soul and she operated as a coach as part of Bettys and Taylors Internal One-to-One Development Scheme for the last four years. Sarah was instrumental in helping to set up and shape this offering in her role as a coach.

The most important focus in her one-to-one relationships is that the direction will always be driven by the client’s wants and needs. Sarah believes that the answers that clients are searching for are all within them, they just need time and space to think and really get clear on what the issue is that they are working with and help develop choices to move forward.

Sarah is also passionate about using a variety of different tools, techniques and theories to help widen clients’ thinking and understanding of issues they might be working on.

Sarah is excellent at building relationships, putting clients at ease and making them feel safe enough to share what is on their mind. She takes a supportive approach, however she is also skilled at challenging people when appropriate to help them see issues from a different perspective. She is very in-tune with her own emotional intelligence, and this helps her to be very effective in the one-to-one development space.