Sarah Bryson

As an experienced one-to-one developer, Sarah creates a safe and intentional space for individuals to deepen their understanding, navigate challenging areas, and uncover options to enable effective progress.

Sarah has 20 years’ experience in leading, managing and developing people and teams in the private sector, with a career that encompasses a wide range of experience from team and functional management and leadership, change and organisational development, and providing bespoke one-to-one development within her organisational setting.

Sarah creates a space to enable individuals to consider and develop their strategic and operational thinking and practice. She has developed her skills and competence from a wealth of experience in all area of business management, which has informed her work as Operations Manager for an iconic online business, and as a key member of teams responsible for influencing, shaping and implementing collaborative organisational development.

A critical focus in any one-to-one relationship is that the person’s direction will always be driven by their needs whilst enabling alignment with the overall organisational direction. Sarah believes that the resources needed to address many, if not all, issues, challenges and opportunities are held within each of us. A person benefits from the time and space to think and to become clearer on what is at the heart of unlocking their potential to develop more conscious choices and to discover a way forward.

Sarah is passionate about encouraging choice, and blends a variety of different tools, techniques and approaches to match a person’s requirements, from expanding thinking and shaping understanding to making a tangible and valuable difference in how a person brings more of their whole self to work and life.

Sarah is excellent at building relationships, putting clients at ease and enabling them to feel safe enough to share what is on their mind. She takes a facilitative approach, whilst being skilled at challenging people when appropriate to enable different viewing points.

She has a degree in International Hospitality Management, and over the last ten years has focused her own learning on leader development and whole person approaches to coaching and mentoring.

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