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Gill Coombs

Gill offers coaching, mentoring, mediation, facilitation, and bespoke programmes, and 1:1 reflective space for transformational practitioners of all kinds. Her focus is on emotional and ecological intelligence in service of effective, meaningful work able to creatively adapt to a fast-changing context.

Gill left school when she was 15, to work as a riding instructor. In her twenties she pursued a diversity of careers before moving into Learning and Development. She has been self-employed since 2010.

She honed her skills in Blue Chip companies, and then held senior L&D roles in public and charitable sectors. She has led teams, and acted as a mediator and internal coach. She has experience of helping teams work optimally, fostering wise use of diverse skills, personalities and approaches.

Colleagues and clients describe Gill as insightful, a calm, steady presence, unconventional, warmly supportive, incisive, courageous, visionary, and genuine. She is particularly skilled in working with individual and organisational shadow, and supporting clients in letting go of the old so that the new might emerge.

Gill works at the intersection of transformational psychology and deep ecology, towards the greater good. Her approach often appeals to those drawn to the natural world and the spiritual realm, seeking depth work in a safe and supportive relationship, or wanting to contribute to a flourishing future for humanity.

She is a qualified therapeutic counsellor, coach-mentor, mediator, and supervisor. She has an MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, a Diploma in Gestalt in Organisations, and a Diploma in Coaching Supervision. She nourishes her work within the Cambridge Jungian Circle and Eco Psychology UK, as well as the Oasis community.

She has written three books about how we each respond to global crises, including Hearing our Calling: Re-Thinking Work and the Workplace.

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