Pippa Farrington

Client Services Co-ordinator

Pippa Farrington started working with Oasis at the end of 2013 as a Client Co-ordinator.

Pippa has extended her role to include the administration and development of Oasis one-to-one services (employee counselling and one-to-one development), including client referrals and co-ordination of associate development.

She is responsible for co-ordinating Organisational Development work at Oasis, managing schedules, preparing proposals, liaising with clients and working alongside facilitators.

Her role is core to the development and sustaining of the Oasis Community, particularly through the Associate Network.

With a degree in French and Media Studies and a background in marketing and PR, Pippa is highly organised and experienced in liaising with external suppliers and working with business and consumer clients across a wide range of sectors.

Pippa shares a keen interest in people, communication and the complexities of human relationships and is fully committed to the principles of Whole Person Learning and her own personal development. She is passionate about the work Oasis does and is actively engaged in raising awareness of the services we offer.

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