Heather Barker

Heather started her working life in the oil industry, and then established her own successful broking company.

This gave her an invaluable insight into corporate life – the ingredients for success as well as areas that cause stress and can be personally challenging, the challenges faced by anyone setting up their own company, and the importance of communications and team working.

As the nature of the oil industry changed, Heather looked for other challenges and worked as an interim manager and “trouble shooter”, with companies and organisations offering services from the transport of humanitarian aid in East Africa to childcare in Swindon and inner-city regeneration in London.

Her current focus is consultancy work within the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Recent work has included:

  • Development of a programme of effective communications and customer care within healthcare settings
  • Public consultations on health and social care policies
  • “Planning for an unknown future” with organisations in the private and voluntary sectors
  • Training and support in listening skills and communications
  • Evaluation of publicly-funded business support and employability programmes.

She also works closely with organisations to review their governance, business processes and risk management strategies.


Much of Heather’s current work focuses on the need for change and its impact. Her development work is built on understanding underlying issues and concerns and working with individuals to develop solutions that are right for them and their organisation.

She enjoys working with individuals who are “trying to make sense of things” and to understand how challenges can become opportunities and threats can become positive catalysts for the future.

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