Virginia Mendez

Virginia is dedicated to enabling individuals and organisations to unlock the transformative nature held in addressing gender inequality.

With organisations, Virginia brings a vibrant blend of experience, warmth, possibility and applied approaches through workshops, panels, forums and alongside consultancy. Virginia is engaged with how to scale the impact of intersectional issues within organisations to release potential, wellbeing and adaptability, through bespoke interventions and on-going development processes.

For the individual leader, as a coach and mentor, Virginia offers the opportunity to explore important aspects of identity, change and choice in work and life. Her approach works with the nuances of unconscious bias, stereotypes, and intersectionality, emphasising the significance of cultural and personal transformation.

With a background in Law and Business, coupled with a master’s in Leadership and Business Administration, she leverages her eight years of corporate experience to develop people and foster inclusive environments. Her clients include Lavazza, Aon, Gender Inclusion Network and The British School in Brazil.

Virginia is an Oasis Associate and a member of the Resilience, Adaptability and Wellbeing Hub which focuses on human questions and systemic issues of belonging and social justice, often at the heart of our most pressing challenges. 

Co-founding The Feminist Shop and engaging in various activism efforts, she champions feminism on multiple fronts. 

Her impact extends beyond professional realms, as she authors bilingual children’s books and collaborates on initiatives like Diverse Educators: a manifesto.

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