Benita Treanor

Benita Treanor is an experienced leadership development consultant, facilitator, coach and coach supervisor.

She offers a grounded authentic approach, alongside her vitality and commitment to honest applied practice. Known for her humanity, she offers a ‘whole hearted’ approach to connecting people to their passion, values and purpose in the world.

She brings a wealth of practice from previous experiences in her early career in the financial sector, family-owned construction company, her own catering and hospitality business and running services in healthcare and whole person wellbeing.

Her focus on developing others has been applied successfully in a wide range of settings, from global companies and professional services, to social change and public services. She sees awareness of values as key to enabling individuals and organisations to increase their ability to clarify what they stand for, have the capacity to articulate what they value, understand what their context calls for, and the resilience to engage with others for useful and effective outcomes for people and the wider community.

Benita’s commitment to developing both herself and others has spanned over 25 years from her early relationship with Oasis in 1989 and her roots as a humanistic psychologist. She relishes the opportunities being an associate of Oasis affords her, working alongside a wider community of people committed to developing 21st century human relationships and Whole Person Learning.

Current activities include:

  • Facilitating business priority groupings as part of a broader OD initiative.
  • Developing leaders through one-to-one coaching and mentoring.
  • Developing people through values in practice work. Enabling teams to improve decision making with ‘right vs. right’ conversations.
  • Skills-based development to increase people’s capacity to work with ‘bold’ conversations, different perspectives and develop clearer understanding of role purpose and responsibility.
  • Personal and professional development.

Outside work, she enjoys spending time with her family, seeding and growing in her allotment, walking, mindfulness and yoga practice.

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