Charles Greenwood

Charles Greenwood

Charles Greenwood has 25 years’ senior management experience with a background in manufacturing, retail and consultancy.

Most recently, he has undertaken one-to-one development and project work with a diverse range of organisations from social housing (Housing Hartlepool, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust) to major commercial enterprises (Homebase, Bettys & Taylors Group).

In the commercial sector Charles gained experience in a number of disciplines and sizes of organisations from multi-nationals to working as an interim consultant and project manager.

This experience has broadly been at functional head and director level in a wide range of commercial roles. This has frequently required overseas travel and working with businesses in the Far East, Africa and throughout Europe.

Throughout this working period, a number of common themes have emerged:

  • The critical nature of team building and collaborative working to help build clear personal and business objectives
  • The importance of providing, building and sustaining long term relations with colleagues/customers/suppliers/stakeholders to drive great service and valued outcomes
  • Dealing effectively with the constant impact of change on individuals and organisations.

Charles works with large and small organisations using a highly personalised approach built on mutual trust and the need to understand the effects of change and challenge. Often, the request for support is driven by the need to ‘fix’ something or make something happen; however Charles finds it is more often about helping individuals find the fix themselves, by adapting to new initiatives and establishing effective relations with colleagues who share the impact of the challenges or strategic developments.

He has been with Oasis as an associate since 2011.


Coaching provides a safe personal environment in which to question, reflect upon and re-evaluate core principles – this can be through a practical experiential approach but also a creative and imaginative dialogue.

The outcomes can be extremely rewarding – renewed enthusiasm, energy and motivation; as well as the almost inevitable performance improvements.

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