Marion Ragaliauskas


Marion Ragaliauskas has been working creatively and effectively in the field of human relations for over 25 years and has worked with many of the challenges faced by practitioners, managers and teams within organisations.

Marion has a wide range of experience in developing others and supporting significant change processes. Over the last 15 years her commitments have combined co-facilitating longer term diploma level Human Relations programmes, working alongside organisations in cultural development that have shaped practitioner and leadership practice as well as designing processes that take account of the human dimension in whole organisation development.

Marion is a founding member of the one-to-one development service.

She brings a grounded approach to her relationships characterised by a deep commitment to integrity, reflection, collaboration and consideration of the other, making her an ideal sounding board as well as a partner for change.

Marion is well placed to work with individuals holding organisational responsibilities that are seeking to explore and challenge their ways of working and face any inner conflicts that impede development in their working role or personal life.

Marion has experience in working with conflict processes, developing conflict resilience, conflict resolution and encouraging the expression of and balance between freedom and accountability at an individual and organisational level.

Marion has a particular interest in women’s development that takes account of the historical and current context of women in society and the particular issues women face in the workplace and as leaders in their own lives.

Marion has been a co-director since 1996 and maintains a strong commitment to the internal development of Oasis and its staff and ensuring the Oasis approach and peer principle is lived in practice through all of its activities and relationships.