Sophie Charrois

Sophie supports people and organisations in moving towards their next right direction with a focus on participatory leadership for the next generation of organising. 

Over the past 10 years, Sophie has been practising helpful ways to hold and explore such questions as – “How we can prepare people and organisations for the complexity of our days? What does it take to respond to challenges like climate change, a pandemic or the many socio-cultural dichotomies in our society?” – through participatory processes and a focus on  how we relate to our selves, our environments and each other.

As living organisms, we have an inherent sense of direction. We can foster a closer connection to this sense through the wisdom of the body, our relationship to nature, an infusion of play and creativity, and the heartfelt gathering between disciplines, generations, and cultures. Making meaning, together. All of these aspects are woven into Sophie’s work with people and organisations, expanding boundaries in a process of collective learning. 

She graduated with a master’s degree in sustainability, complexity and participatory leadership with a focus on organisational development and has been continuing her own learning journey ever since, for example as a practitioner of the Art of Hosting and participatory leadership, stewarding the Flowgame  network and hosting Warm Data Labs, to mention some of the networks she associates with. 

Applying her knowledge about a more systemic, life-centric understanding of leadership as a president of the sustainability youth network oikos International and board member to organisations like the GRLI or UN PRME showed Sophie that we are capable of heartfelt collaboration, and that we can thrive in more trust-based, self-organising structures and governance that adapts to an ever-changing world.

At the moment, Sophie is inviting people on learning journeys around embodied, participatory leadership and a new paradigm of organising. Current examples of  her portfolio are the co-creation of a rite of passage format for young adults, a leadership program for next generation family business stakeholders and training offers in the Art of Hosting and the Flowgame.

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