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Wellbeing – Dialogue, Diagnosis and Design

In order to work to their full potential, employees need an environment and a way of working where wellbeing flourishes.

From our long experience we understand that many employers want a culture where employees have enough resilience to withstand the demands of their workload, where a work-life balance exists and where people feel valued.

We can help you assess what is affecting wellbeing and work out how to make and manage changes to create real impact. Our support creates a beacon of light in what is often a difficult area to navigate.

Enhance wellbeing

Make changes to create real impact

Increase Resilience

Ensure people can withstand the demands of their workload

Staff retention

Build on the potential of your people

The benefit of the depth of the diagnostic enabled us to think about what we wanted to be like as an organisation. This made us move toward what we wanted to develop to become that organisation.

Carole RichardsonAssistant Director of Housing, North Star Housing Group

Employee Resilience, Adaptability and Wellbeing

We support organisations of all sizes to cultivate better wellbeing, adaptability and resilience for their employees in a number of ways:

Wellbeing talks and employee events

Inspirational and thought-provoking talks that incorporate our unique Whole Person approach to resilience, adaptability and wellbeing. Inspirational sessions that last between one and two hours and can easily be incorporated into your staff events and team building days. Help your people to cultivate better energy and learn more about resilience.

Wellbeing workshops

Two-day workshops that teach and hone the skills required for building energy and cultivating resilience. In addition to our core Whole Person workshop, we also offer a two-day Resilient Relationships workshop to help Managers navigate boundaries, difficult conversations and cultivate greater empathy and trust.

Counselling services

Our first class, direct access confidential counselling service enhances the motivation, effectiveness and wellbeing of employees at the most difficult of times.

Discovering your RAW

If you’re looking to take a proactive approach to Resilience and Wellbeing in your organisation then our RAW diagnostic will help you identify at a root level where to prioritise your resources. The process includes gathering data, and getting clear alongside an inquiry process.

Organisational Resilience and Wellbeing

If you’re wanting to go deeper with this topic, and you’re looking for something more proactive, accountable and strategic, we can work in partnership with you on a consultancy basis.

Our light touch consultancy brings a cross section of people from your organisation together for two days to diagnose and create a realistic achievable and relevant approach to improving the ‘way you work’ in your organization. At the end of the two days you’ll have a plan to implement. Every quarter we will facilitate a half day review session to assess what’s working, what’s emerging and what new blocks need moving.

To find out more about how we might support your organization to cultivate a better resilient way of working, please get in touch for an initial scoping conversation with one of our RAW experts.

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