Skills for Change

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If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

This two-day programme will equip you with core change skills to improve management and performance – of yourself and others.

Effective working relationships are at the heart of improving performance. And to create effective relationships, you need effective human relations skills.

This experiential, ground-breaking programme offers you a grounding in a framework based on applied practice – the Oasis Seven Stage Model for effective relationships.

It is a tried and tested model that has been used successfully with thousands of people for over 20 years.

Key elements of Skills for Change

Tested in a wide range of settings in commercial and public sectors, Skills for Change provides an opportunity to deepen your understanding of core change skills that can be applied to projects, people and systems.

During the two days you will experience the framework in action, learn how to move through it, how to locate yourself if you get ‘stuck’ in a tricky situation and how to become more agile in your interactions.

Adopting a peer-based learning approach, you will work with your own questions, using the different elements and tools within the framework to identify key current issues in your own context.

You will practise the skills of building and maintaining effective working relationships.

  • Understanding, skills-based practice and application of the Oasis Seven Stage Model of Effective Relationships.
  • Learning to be more self-managing with an applied framework for effective relationships that enables individuals to engage in highly effective communication.
  • Action planning – identifying a learning focus for application in the workplace.

Who is Skills for Change for?

  • Those who work closely with others such as managers, leaders, coaches in contexts where effective relationships are essential for positive, creative, effective outcomes/performance.
  • Those that hold specific responsibilities for people or resources.
  • Those who will benefit from a deeper understanding of the skills needed to bring about effective relationships.
  • Those who want to get better at working with others.

Benefits to you and your organisation

  • Ability to locate yourself in a solid framework for implementing and managing change.
  • Self-assessment of individual competencies and identification of areas for professional and personal development.
  • Helps with managing difficult conversations – working with giving and receiving feedback.
  • Builds confidence and influencing skills.
  • Development of planning skills – moving action with clearer intentions.
  • Understanding effective approaches to decision making.
  • Provides a shared language enabling wider engagement with the behaviours and approaches of those working with the Seven Stage Model.
  • Increases collaboration and appreciation of colleagues facing similar questions and issues.

Change is a constant at work and in overall life. For organisations in transition, the ability of staff to bring effective responses to change is critical.

Individual resilience and self-management means that individuals can appreciate the wider context, become more responsible for their own approach to change (owning change rather than ‘being done to’), and developing the skills of contributing and influencing rather than resistance or denial.

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Positive, fuelled, inspired, refreshed - love it.

The work on challenge has made me more forceful.

It was helpful to have something practical to work on.

I achieved a useful ‘shift’. A change that I did not expect.

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