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Working with the Shadow

As coaches, managers or team leaders we might become aware of our own patterns of wanting to impress, rescue, please or punish our client or colleagues. It’s like a shadow, following us. How do we create choices for ourselves in our work with others and become more aware when we are triggered into automatic responses that aren’t helpful? And what if consciously working with the shadow could release creative energy and vitality in our practice and in our lives?

In this one-day workshop, facilitated by Oasis Co-Director Marion Ragaliauskas, we will explore ways to bring light to those parts of us that can play outside our awareness, deepening our understanding of aspects of ourselves that may creep up on us and run the show and examine ways in which we can harness the potential of shadow work in our work and in our relationships.  You will leave with:

Creative approaches to raising consciousness of the shadow

A deeper understanding of how the shadow appears through projections, triggers and patterns of thinking and behaviour

A deeper understanding of and relationship to aspects of your own shadow

Ways of working to enable integration of shadow aspects and dynamics

Working from a base of love, compassion, and acceptance in working with the shadow for yourself and others.

For more information, or to book, please email us or give Charlotte a ring on 01937 541700.

Cost: £175 per person and equates to seven CPD hours.

Working with the Shadow

4 October 2024 9.30am - 4.30pm

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