Speak to be Heard

On this intensive two-day workshop you learn how to build your confidence and increase your personal impact by using your physicality and your voice. You’ll practice posture and vocal exercises in a safe space. It’s a fun, participative programme where you will learn to increase your gravitas and reach your potential.

What is Speak to be Heard about?

Finding our voice in a world full of big personalities and conflicting demands can be a challenge – one which if unmet by us can hold us back from reaching our potential.

We work with the different needs of each participant to ensure you understand what works for you. We provide a toolkit of practices, designed to enhance personal confidence and presence. The programme mixes easy-to-learn technical lessons from the world of performance with a Whole Person approach.

You will work in small groups and on your own, with expert coaching from acclaimed actor and international voice coach, Corinna Powlesland, who has many years of experience of using her voice professionally and helping others find theirs. It is co-facilitated by Oasis Director, Glyn Fussell, who blends years of experience in performing arts with developmental work with individuals, groups and organisations.

You will learn to speak and present with a new confidence that will sustain you when your nerves kick in. You will have more impact more of the time – in meetings, in presentations, in pitches, in life.

Who is Speak to be Heard for?

Speak to be Heard is suitable for anyone hoping to develop confidence in the way they present, whatever the context. It’s for those who wish to have real presence and a natural voice that others will really listen to.

What are the benefits?

By strengthening your voice you will have more impact more of the time – in meetings, in presentations, in pitches, in life.

You will take away easy to use techniques and an informed sense of what works for you and your voice.

You will learn to speak and present with a new confidence and poise that will sustain you at times when your nerves kick in.

This programme is co-facilitated by Corinna Powlesland, who is a much acclaimed professional actor. She brings great richness and experience to the programme. There is a small risk, because of her work in the theatre, that sometimes programmes may need to be postponed. In the unlikely event of this happening we will always let you know as soon as it becomes a possibility and look for alternatives that are mutually convenient.

If you are interested in attending Speak to be Heard in the future please contact Charlotte Ellerby charlotte@oasishumanrelations.org.uk for more information and to be put onto the waiting list. Download a flyer for the next programme.

What I learnt - and how I felt at the end of the course - far surpassed my expectations. I left feeling more confident and at ease with myself and my own voice, and can already feel a positive impact to my work and home life.

Tom Goodhand Internal Communications Manager, Bettys & Taylors Group

Loved the course. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, gave me confidence in my own abilities and gave me new skills.

Jean Hedley Locality Manager, Barnardos

I came away feeling clear about what I need to practise and focus on in order to ooze confidence and be comfortable with my voice and presence. It was fascinating, interesting, reflective, inspiring and totally relevant. I would never have imagined you could make so much progress with self-confidence from a two-day course.

Katherine Proctor Building Services Manager, Yorkshire Housing

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