We work in a different way to traditional consultancies. We are a learning organisation, committed to working with your whole organisation and its key people. Our unique approach will empower your key people to create a way forward that’s sustainable and impactful.

We take what we are learning in different contexts and partner with organisations to help them work with uncertainty and unpredictability, challenge and change.

We respond to your working environment, listening at a deep level, helping you engage with the key elements in your organisation and focusing on the ongoing management of change and longer-term sustainability.

Purpose and vision

Changing culture and managing key transitions to create a shared organisational vision, purpose and approach

Collaborative leadership

Starting from where you are to build collaborative leadership and create participative cultures

New perspectives

New ways of thinking, exploring your questions, developing your people, processes and systems

The process you use to get to the future is the future you get.

Myron RogersSystems theorist, writer and consultant

Our organisational development work includes:

  • Changing culture and managing critical transitions, renewing purpose and direction
  • Building collaborative leadership and creating participative cultures
  • Organisational redesign, review, audit, analysis and systems renewal
  • Working to develop senior teams
  • Developing people, processes and projects
  • Designing collaborative, co-creative research to explore your questions.

Global reach

As a learning organisation we invest time connecting with like-minded peers who we can learn alongside. This helps us to ensure we have a wide range of approaches and interventions for our clients whilst staying in touch with the bigger picture of planet and sustainability.

Oasis is a founding partner of global and UK-based leadership initiatives including the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative. We work in partnership through these communities with over 70 global companies and international business schools and we have published internationally on Whole Person Learning and collaboration.

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