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Being Less Lost in an Unpredictable World

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Uncertainty, the unknowns and the inability to predict the future is only added to by the newest descriptor of unpredictability. Unpredictability is surrounding many of us whatever our context, be it voting, the weather, social upheavals, whether Pokeman Go will be able to cope with another log on or even the human challenges of working with another person.

Amidst what are at times overwhelming demands, it helps to have at least a couple of aspects of life that have some degree of certainty or at least a way of feeling a little less lost.

If you have got to this point and you are already brilliant at human relations practice and have all the skills for working with others that you require – read another blog – from here on this piece is to encourage you or your people to come on the latest version of a programme with Nick Ellerby and Benita Treanor.

Nearly twenty five years ago Oasis undertook an inquiry into how people work together, and how we help each other to develop and be effective. The result was an approach that built on the foundations of our discoveries and has now benefited thousands of people helping them to understand and develop the capacities and competencies of working with others.

Over the years the skills and approach we developed has been supported by experience, neuroscience research and leading edge ideas. Amazingly for us, the human relations practices we established are now being sought for emerging frameworks such as teal organisations, holacratic approaches and collaborative cultures, as well as still very necessary and required for more traditional organisations and ways of working.

Our tried and tested working model helps participants grasp how a relationship, a meeting, a project, a change process really develops or stalls over time. Such a framework is part of the preparatory equipment for any individual who aims to be effective in working with others. It provides a simple yet very powerful approach that has proven highly valuable to practitioners, managers, leaders and change agents.

Most of us are brilliant at certain elements of working with others, yet it is those illusive aspects that we are often blind to that cause us to fail or at least do less well. At Oasis, we don’t hold with ‘that’s just the way I am’. We have seen incredible changes in people who want to learn. This programme provides a supportive yet edgy style that nudges, encourages and enhances how you work, celebrates and utilises your strengths and improves those aspects that are less well developed.

If an individual makes the effort to practice the specific skills, they are equipping themselves for many more circumstances than having potent conversations alone; the approach is comprehensive and highly applied. It reflects a dynamic and emergent process, it allows for focus and attention according to the needs and priorities of the kind of relationship or results desired.

This programme is not only about learning and practicing the transferable skills, it will also help you with:

  • getting things done
  • making things happen
  • developing great working relationships
  • minimising unnecessary conflicts and disagreements
  • embedding the stages of effective change
  • managing beginnings and endings
  • working with projects
  • developing confidence in making decisions.

If I am lost I am less of a resource to myself and others. This programme has shown again and again that it helps participants locate themselves in what is often the confusing minefield of working with others, increasing the sense of choice and having effective Skills for Change.

To find out if this is ideal for you or your organisation contact us now on 01937 541700 or email us.