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Taking the leap from client to coach

Mary Godfrey

Initiating a new beginning and why it’s never too late

What initiates a new life chapter? A life transition, a chance meeting, a childhood experience, or one of those ah-ha moments that trigger a new decision or generates more choices.  Or perhaps, the shift may have begun decades earlier with a simple question or an experience that sows the seed of possibility.

Mary Godfrey’s connection with Oasis spans many years. We met Mary after she had moved successfully through a range of initiator roles in business and was shifting from Director of Communications to the role of Change and Performance Director at Bettys and Taylors Group. Working together we developed new functions, shaped pioneering development processes, helped the business move through one of its most significant phases, and introduced and provided 1-1 development across the business. Somewhere along the way Mary saw and experienced the value of a 1-1 development relationship.

In Mary’s own words;

‘I recently retired from my role leading organisational development in an iconic family business with strong people values. While there all the executive leaders were provided with external 1-1 executive development from Oasis. It proved to be a valuable relationship and helped me to access my full potential and develop more effective working relationships with my peers. The company also invested with Oasis to design and embed in-house 1-1 to help develop people across the business, recognising that everyone is a leader, not just those in the named roles.

As I looked for my next challenge, I decided to develop the skills of coaching myself so that I could in turn help others to benefit. The Oasis programme was a natural choice, as the philosophy of whole person learning and learning by doing approach is well suited to my own learning style.

What has made the most impact on me is learning not just from the excellent facilitators, but also from the other participants. Realising their questions and challenges are similar to my own and we are able to learn from each other has helped me build my confidence and improve my practice. Outside of modules we were able to connect via the online platform to share questions, coaching experiences and solutions. This has been tremendously helpful, and I hope to stay connected with this amazing bunch of people beyond the programme.’

Every coaching relationship has the privilege of accompanying a person or a team as they discover and develop into the future. Every Oasis programme is a unique blend of people, process and potential, and we are delighted that Mary is one of the amazing bunch that are now helping others to shape their own new chapters in life and work.

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