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Why develop leaders?

Leaders need to be conscious and collaborative. They need to bring skills and attitudes to facilitate the ideas and potential of others. In short: making real change happen through relationships.

Oasis takes a radical approach to develop this kind of leadership. Experience has shown us that to be a really effective leader you need to be authentic yourself. It’s not about copying unsustainable heroic ideals of how leaders should be. The strength, gravitas and direction for real leadership can and do come from within. If you bring your whole self to the endeavour it’s more likely you will perform at your best: sustained, potent and unique.

Over the past 15 years, we have pioneered a different kind of leadership development. Using our unique approach we have equipped over 1,000 leaders from all walks of life to lead with courage, vision and integrity. Our leadership coaching course participants come from international business schools, iconic UK businesses, innovative social enterprises, dynamic community groups and hard-hit public sector bodies. They say they are still drawing on their experiences with us years after the programmes they have taken part in.

We are thought leaders in the field of responsible leadership and, as founding partners of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, we are proud of our track record in this arena. We have helped many organisations and groups develop a culture where leadership is shared and situational. We have equipped leaders to collaborate for the good of the whole. We are committed to ongoing research and development to ensure that our approach is cutting edge and reflects what is really needed to lead in a fast-paced, shifting organisational and social landscape.

Our Real Leaders Programme reflects all we have learned through many years of working with talented, visionary leaders. It draws on our research into the requirements of the workplace of tomorrow. It is designed to make a difference and to have an impact.

This is an applied programme and challenges leaders to take action and develop in new ways, to learn new skills and strategies for success and to do so with depth and in a way that lasts. To that end, we take an ‘inside out’ approach, with a focus on each individual’s particular learning needs, building core strength, awareness and resilience within. Oasis learning is experiential rather than lecture-based. It is up close and personal, supporting those who really want to make change happen to fully engage with others and to create a greater impact.

You can find out more about the Oasis approach to leaders in the Leader Hub. For more information on our leadership development coaching courses, please contact us.