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The unpredictability of life… and how to cope

Skills for Change unpredictability

This inability to predict the future surrounds us whatever our context, with unexpected political actions, terrorism, weather events and social upheaval adding to the uncertainty.

Within all this uncertainty it can be hard to deal with what may seem like overwhelming demands on our time and energy. In every aspect of our lives we are affected by the unpredictability of human relationships.

There are some ways of feeling a little less lost that can help us. Working with other people has its challenges on a daily basis and developing our skills in this area can act as a touchstone amidst the uncertainty.

Our tried and tested approach to working relationships helps people grasp how a relationship, a meeting, a project, or a change process really develops over time – and what might stall it. The framework provides a simple yet powerful approach that has proven highly valuable to practitioners, managers, leaders and change agents.

It is supported by our research and experience and has been used by thousands of people to understand and develop their own capacity to work with others. Most of us are brilliant at certain elements of creating and maintaining working relationships, but find other areas more difficult. It can be hard to work out what it is that trips us up. We can be blind to our bad habits.

At Oasis, we don’t hold with saying, ‘that’s just how I am.’ If you want to learn, you are capable of change, and we’ve seen incredible differences in programme participants over the years.

Skills for Change is a programme that nudges, encourages and enhances how you work, celebrates and utilises your strengths and improves those aspects that are less well developed. Facilitator Nick Ellerby is supportive, but challenging.

There are specific transferable skills that you can learn on the programme. If you make the effort to practise them, you will equip yourself for a whole range of circumstances, including:

  • getting things done
  • making things happen
  • developing great working relationships
  • minimising unnecessary conflicts and disagreements
  • embedding the stages of effective change
  • managing beginnings and endings
  • working with projects
  • developing confidence in making decisions.

It reflects a dynamic and emergent process, it allows for focus and attention according to the needs and priorities of the kind of relationship or results desired.

This programme has shown again and again that it helps participants locate themselves in what is often the confusing minefield of working with others, increasing the sense of choice and having effective skills for dealing with unpredictability and change.

The next Skills for Change takes place on March 1 and 2, 2018. To find out if this is ideal for you or your organisation contact us now on 01937 541700 or email us.