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Skills for Change

Skills for Change


The best programme I have ever been on,’ is quite a statement. It came from one of the participants on the recent redesigned Skills for Change two-day intensive.

The mix of backgrounds on the course was stunning as was the level of learning and engagement of every single person. Whether significant business leaders, early years specialists, local government managers, HR and OD specialists, housing practitioners or coaches, the programme managed to meet the needs of all. But isn’t that just what most of us are expected to do every day at work when it comes to effective relationships?

Whoever you are, most organisations want to ensure that the best possible relationship is developed and sustained. Effective relationships are the essence of improved performance and innovation. In today’s world, if you don’t know how to manage yourself in a relationship it’s hard to know how you remain employable in many work settings. Even those who work in specialist isolation need to know how to have social contact and knowing the phases and skills at each stage makes an important difference.

Collaborating, changing, working with others…

After redesigning the programme last year we wondered about changing the name. My bid was for Working with Others, which is exactly what you gain from the frameworks and skills. But the response from my wise colleagues was lukewarm: ‘too general’, ‘could be confused with… well almost anything’, ‘sounds old… no, not you, the name!’

Then I played with Skills for Collaboration, because collaboration is the new ISO standard, lots of organisations already struggle with the necessary skills, and this programme provides the grounding for authentic collaboration – we would have a large pool of people, whether in supply chains, managers, or leaders, wondering how to better partner in practice and genuinely make collaboration work. But whilst the title works well enough, there are a few more ingredients we would add. Also what we mean by collaboration is so varied, even in the same organisation, that if you want that programme, you’ll need to wait a little longer (or ask us to design it just for you!). So Skills for Change it is.

We live in relationship

Skills for Change recognises we live in relationship – we yearn for friendship and positive interactions. Without them we are diminished. So it makes sense that the better our relationships are at work, the more engaged and productive we’re going to be. Effective relationships help people change, they improve influence and deepen understanding. Poor relationships take up inordinate amounts of time and resources. Yet many don’t learn the key skills and frameworks for being able to manage themselves well in relationship to others, especially when things become difficult or a need for change is required.

Whether it’s with clients, suppliers, colleagues or other key stakeholders this programme helps you:

  • build trust
  • manage your boundaries
  • meet your own needs
  • increase confidence
  • learn the emotional intelligence to work with others, even when there is a need for conveying tough messages or questioning what is really needed.

The next programme takes place on March 1/2 2018. To find out more look at the Skills for Change programme page or give Nick a call on 01937 541700.