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Other ways to coach and be coached

People looking down in circle

But there are other ways to coach and be coached. And working in a group can be one of the most productive ways.

Group approaches can take different forms. It could be a cooperative inquiry or radical peer-based working. It could be a full circle or action learning set, working with the support of peers. Or it could be group supervision, a rich and fertile ground for exploration, self-understanding and growth.

Group supervision offers a place for us to further develop our thinking with others about our work, a place that can contribute to giving us the ‘edge’ to offer our best to others and sustain ourselves in our practice.

It provides an opportunity to share our experiences in a safe environment, gain insight with others, offer our knowledge and exchange ideas, receive useful feedback, challenge our own assumptions and norms, gain clarity on our effectiveness, have space to think, be energised, invest in what’s precious, and contribute and engage with a network of peers.

Supervision can take place in-house or with external developers. It’s a way of using coaching techniques and approaches in a group setting to reflect, review progress and consider the impact of work upon oneself.

An impartial facilitator holds the collaborative process to create a peer-based learning space.

It might mean stepping out of your comfort zone to enter the unknown; giving permission to your curiosity to learn and connect with others.

Working in a group means working in relationship. It requires generosity, consideration and respect. All of which develop and deepen the relationships of those in the group.

By choosing a group approach it’s possible to discover different voices and new ways of looking at old problems. Finding creative and innovative approaches can reconnect you to your resilience and help you renew and refresh yourself.

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