Coaching Programme: Coaching and Mentoring with Head, Heart and Soul

A coaching and mentoring programme with a Whole Person Learning approach, giving you a multi-dimensional understanding of how to work one-to-one with others with care, confidence and challenge.

This coaching programme is designed on humanistic values that puts care, love and compassion into the learning you will take away. It is unlike other coaching qualifications in that it is an experiential programme. As well as learning all the tools and approaches you will need to do great work developing others, you will leave the coaching programme. Your own learning journey is at the heart of this coaching and mentoring development.

This coaching and mentoring programme brings benefits both personally and professionally. Effective coaching development is not something we do to another, it is something we do with another. Our coaching programme will help you to develop in the skills of coaching and mentoring in order for you to make a real difference to others.

Our approach to coaching and mentoring development is suitable to professionals in human resource, and learning and development as well as those in change roles. The programme also attracts many leaders and managers looking to enhance the impact they have with their team and those they lead.

The coaching and mentoring programme is accredited by the Association for Coaching and is therefore a perfect choice of coaching development for those looking to become professional coaches, change careers or enhance their work developing people in other arenas, such as teachers, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, nutritionists.

This coaching programme is accredited by the Association for Coaching.

Tools, skills and confidence

Develop everything you need to work with others one-to-one

Develop yourself personally and professionally

Developing your whole self as you learn to develop others

Real change and real relationships

Really make a difference to those you work with

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I recommend this coaching and mentoring programme very highly. I went from cognitive learning to a deeper multi-dimensional understanding. The process integrates what is going on at the rational and emotional level and requires participants to confront themselves in the process.

Kathryn WinterburnParticipant on Coaching and Mentoring with Head, Heart and Soul

What you will gain from this coaching and mentoring programme:

  • You will develop yourself personally and professionally
  • You will use and understand tried and tested frameworks and theories
  • Develop confidence to know which interventions to use when in order to make a real difference to your clients
  • Space to reflect on your practice and your approach to contracting with clients
  • Cultivate stronger awareness around your own personal impact
  • Deepen your emotional intelligence using Whole Person Learning
  • You will get the practice of being a coach and also being coached, using real life issues.

Who this coaching and mentoring development is suited to:

  • You’re just starting out as a coach or contemplating a career developing others
  • You’re an experienced coach looking to go deeper with your clients and develop your practice
  • You want to learn how to help others learn, grow, succeed in their own lives, connect with their sense of purpose and become more fully themselves at work and at home
  • You are looking for a change of career and want to develop yourself whilst you work out what next
  • You are a manager or leader and want to mentor and develop others within your organisation
  • You’re interested in creating a coaching and mentoring culture within your organisation.

How this coaching development is different to other courses:

  • The most unique aspect of our coaching programme is our Whole Person Learning approach. With deeper understanding of ourselves as coaches and mentors we are able to work more deeply with another to make a real, lasting difference.
  • Our coaching and mentoring development is experiential; whilst it includes all the tools, models and approaches you will need to feel confident working with another, it also offers you greater growth potential to understand your authentic strengths and to actively work with the areas which may be more of a struggle for you.
  • Certified by the Association of Coaching to certificate level for those individuals that desire a professional qualification
  •  Throughout the coaching development journey you will work with several live clients as well as many opportunities to practice your coaching skills with your peer group as well being coached by others. You will learn from others learning as much as your own.
  • Throughout the programme, your coaching and mentoring practice is supervised by professional supervisors as well as by your peers who will be practicing with you.
  • The coaching programme is spread out over 12 months to give you opportunity to deepen your learning
  • The coaching programme is assessed by our unique Self and Peer Assessment process, giving you space and time to think things through for yourself as well as getting support and challenge from your peers.
  • Payment options are available.  As a not for profit, we are able to offer many different payment options to suit all financial circumstances. Please talk to us if this is something that would enable you to join the coaching and mentoring programme.

What do I need to do to sign up for the Coaching and Mentoring development?

  • If you are interested in our coaching course, we ask that you let Charlotte know by emailing her at
  • Charlotte will then put you in touch with one of our practitioners who will have a call or meeting with you to go through the programme in more detail and discuss financial arrangements
  • Once you are ready to join our coaching and mentoring programme we ask that you pay a deposit and put all the dates for the coaching programme into your diary
  • You will then receive a welcome pack outlining all other information you need to know about our coaching and mentoring programme
  • We have a very friendly team and we encourage you to ask us for what you need in the meantime

“I would strongly recommend Coaching and Mentoring with Head, Heart and Soul… What I have learned has translated into better, more constructive day-to-day relationships at work as well as with my coaching clients.”

Mike BurrettFinance Director, Bettys & Taylors Group


Module 1

14/09/2020 – 16/09/2020
9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Boston Spa

Module 2

23/11/2020 – 25/11/2020
9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Boston Spa

Module 3

18/01/2021 – 20/01/2021
9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Boston Spa

Module 4

15/03/2021 – 17/03/2021
9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Boston Spa

Module 5

07/06/2021 – 08/06/2021
9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Boston Spa

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To find out more about our inside-out approach and to have a conversation with one of the facilitators about the programme, call 01937 541700 or email us.