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Inside our Coaching & Mentoring Programme

Dave Wrightson, Engage Digital, Coaching Programme

“The opportunity to learn and develop these skills was too good to pass up!”


Great participants make for great programmes, and we’ve been thrilled to welcome Dave Wrightson to Coaching and Mentoring with Head, Heart and Soul at Oasis.

Dave Wrightson, Engage Digital, Coaching Programme

Dave’s connection to Oasis isn’t new, he and Alex have been developing their team leaders and their strategic thinking with Oasis over a number of years.  Dave brings so much to the programme and has deepened his practice to benefit his own company and the not for profits they support as part of their community commitments.

In Dave’s own words;

‘I signed up to the Oasis Coaching and Mentoring program after experiencing the power of coaching as a coachee over a number of years.  The ability of a skilled coach to provide protected, quality and critical thinking time, has had profound effects on my own development. The opportunity to learn and develop these skills was too good to pass up!

The course was incredibly interesting, and went into a lot more depth than I could have imagined. The group was just the right size and well facilitated, with lots of first hand practice.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little daunted at the thought of actually practising on ‘real’ clients, which is an essential part of the course, however the support and supervision really helped to get me in the right state of mind, and after a few sessions I began to feel more and more comfortable.

Whilst I’m still in awe of the skills displayed by the course leaders, I feel like my own development has been transformative, with feedback from my coachees being reward in itself.

I’m really looking forward to continuing my development from what has been a fantastic grounding in the subject.’


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