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Double life? Triple life? How many versions of you are out there?

Superman and Clark Kent

double or triple life

For some of us 24 hours in a day is not enough. For others, there is plenty of time to live a double or triple life. People’s capacity to live multiple-lives is astonishing.

I once met a Pakistani guy working for the Brazilian Embassy in Islamabad who is also a semi-professional football player in his free time. Football can be quite a common passion. Recently, I came across the Head of a Primary School in New Zealand that was also amongst the country’s top official referees.

Besides football, music is a very common passion. How many of us have a colleague at work who sings in a band at weekends? Usually, people who cannot make a living from professions that are not very well paid, such as arts, peruse parallel lives as a way of being financially sound and at the same time following their dreams.

Double Life and Triple Life

Superheroes too long had double lives. The journalist Clark Kent becomes Superman to save the world, the scientist Bruce Banner becomes The Incredible Hulk to deal with high-stress situations and Bruce Wayne, a wealthy playboy turns into Batman to bring justice to the world. At first, it might look like all these superheroes had multiple personality disorder. However, if you consider that art imitates life, these superheroes double lives are just a mirror of our own human behaviour.

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