Isabela Souza


Isabela Souza is an Associate at Oasis and shares her time between Brazil and the UK.

Isabela Souza

With 20 years of experience in sustainability and climate change, she has a large inter-disciplinary background acquired throughout posts held with the private sector, consultancies, academia and NGOs.

Isabela has worked with teams all over the world, from Latin America, to Asia and Africa.

Isabela’s strong relationship skills and soft leadership style have been the glue of the cross-cultural and cross-sectoral teams she has worked with.

She now facilitates programmes that help participants align their internal values with their work and the communities in which they live.

With an academic background on Mechanical and Production Engineering, an MBA in Environmental Management, and a Masters in Environment and Development, Isabela speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, and basic French and Italian. She is an amateur photographer and a keen triathlete.