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A Development Programme with Head, Heart and Soul

She’s been a participant on this long programme since January this year and her journey over the course of the programme has been rich and varied.

It plays to my skills and strengths

The programme, which focuses on five modules over the course of seven months places the development of the practitioner at the centre of their learning.

“Facilitators help bring you into the space so you can concentrate on your learning and development. It’s been lots of different tools and techniques and the opportunity to practice these tools in a real life situation.”

You are the coach and the one being coached

A recurring theme mentioned by participants on the programme. The focus is as much on developing your whole self so that you can be the best coach or mentor you can be, using real life examples you bring to the sessions and feeding back to each other collaboratively.

”It’s been really great for my own development. It’s then been really great for me to use the skills that I have learnt to help develop other people.”

A universal audience

“It seems to speak to all different people for different reasons.”

The programme has attracted a variety of participants from different organisations and backgrounds, emphasising its universal reach. With a focus on developing your whole self, the programme uses a mix of both theory and practice, putting the developer at the heart of their practice and also allowing them to observe and offer advice.