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What does a real leader need to understand?

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They need to understand that this means constantly adapting to constant change; choosing to powerfully relate to others and having the skills and ability to fiercely collaborate for the common good.

It is tempting to believe that leadership should only be measured through acts of heroism and the power of personal charisma. Whilst these things can be important our view is that more is required. Real leadership calls for personal authenticity and strength of relationship. Its true measure should be in the evidence of real differences made for the good of us all. This starts with a person with skills, abilities and characteristics – willing to learn and to keep on learning: a real leader.

As human relations pioneers we know that leaders need to know how to work with others. It’s fundamental and crucial. It’s simple and self-evident. We ignore our need to relate at our peril. Leaving out the human relationships can sabotage our endeavours and our success.

A different kind of leader development

Over the past 15 years we in Oasis have pioneered a different kind of leader development. Through our unique approach we have equipped over 1,000 leaders to lead with courage, vision and integrity. Our participants have come from international business schools, UK businesses, social enterprises, community groups and public sector bodies. We have learned a great deal from the leaders we have developed.

So this year we are building on all our years of practice and research to launch a new range of leader development programmes and workshops designed to inspire change and bring a new wave of responsible leadership for the 21st century.

Over the next 12 months we will be sharing what we have learned. Through blogs, through articles and through interviews with inspirational leaders committed to leading through relationship. In addition, we’d love to engage you in conversation and to hear what you think is needed to lead in this turbulent world.

[panel colour=”blue”]The Oasis Real Leaders programme launches in 2018. If you are interested in exploring your leadership questions in your own context, developing yourself as a leader or developing leaders in your organisation, please take a look at the prospectus, email us or call us on 01937 541700 for a conversation about how we can help.[/panel]