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What are the benefits of employee counselling?

They are often able to keep on working and find ways to manage their situation, reducing feelings of isolation. Clients say they value the opportunity to talk and be listened to.

Benefits of employee counselling for your organisation

Early intervention can increase staff retention and effectiveness, reduce sickness absence levels and help people face the challenges of work and life.

Oasis can help your organisation:

  • reduce sickness absence and stress
  • improve staff retention and reduce staff turnover
  • comply with government legislation on employee wellbeing
  • deal with the impact of redundancies on staff – those staying as well as leaving
  • deal with changes in management style with a shared and agreed approach.

Oasis Whole Person at Work services

Our services are proactive and preventative rather than crisis-driven.

We also help with career review, career development for those feeling ‘stuck’ and support for those facing redundancy.

Support from Oasis is an investment in your workforce for those who use the service, those they interact with and the organisation as a whole.

Oasis can help you be a great place to work.

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Find out more

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