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The Oasis Seven Stage Model for Effective Working Relationships

Oasis Seven Stage Model for managing change

The Seven Stage Model has been developed by Oasis over a number of years and has been successfully applied by thousands of participants in a wide variety of work settings.

The Oasis Seven Stage Model

It is a model of the way people go about successfully relating to one another on a one-to-one basis from the inception of a working relationship to its conclusion.

It applies as much to business relationships as educational relationships, personal encounters or therapeutic meetings.

It is the cornerstone of our approach to Human Relations Practice.

Oasis Seven Stage Model

The model is cyclical, dynamic and developmental.

It arose from the need to provide people from a wide variety of backgrounds with a simple overview of the stages of an effective interpersonal or helping relationship. As well as offering a complete model, each stage offers specific skills that can be applied according to the needs and priorities of a relationship.

The model simplifies the realities of practice; it reduces disparate experience into manageable pieces and acts as a guide to what you might do. It provides a much-needed framework to help you make decisions and be more effective. It offers transferable skills and understanding which can be applied to your work with people, as well as projects, systems and processes.

You can read more in the Oasis Elements publication The Seven Stage Model.

Oasis Human Relations

If you have any questions on The Oasis Seven Stage Model or how it can help your business, contact our coaching leadership team and we will provide you with the information saught.