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The Oasis approach to team development

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It involves a process where contracting and challenge go hand-in-hand with clarity of direction, ambiguity of response and an embracing of the diversity inherent in a great team.

This shapes collaborative leadership within the team and calls for each individual to have an awareness of their own strengths and those of their colleagues, together making a sustainable whole.

It is not an easy path and relies on feedback skills, trust, delivery capability and an ability to bring together task focus, learning and relationship in the combination called for by the team’s contribution to the wider organisation.

Transformative Approach

Oasis believes that collaborative teams cannot be developed through a mechanistic approach to development, or one wholly based in academic models.

We embrace the developmental aspects of Katzenbach and Smith and Geoff Bellman’s models of team working, as well as having established our own frameworks for practice.

However, our aim is to co-create what is required with those involved.

The Oasis approach to team development is not a simple model of input and discussion, but one that works at a deeper level and has a longer-term perspective.

It develops through relationship, learning, diversity and context as much as content.

It is an approach which begins from where senior managers and groups are, rather than where they say they are.

This calls for the development of trust, openness and a willingness to be accountable.

It is a Whole Person Learning approach to development.