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Supporting the leaders of tomorrow

Windsor castle

Helping facilitate the Windsor Leadership Dialogue (WLD) seemed to be a great way for me to a) volunteer for an exciting social not-for-profit, b) take myself out of my comfort zone, and c) expose myself to some of the great leaders of today.

I am excited to get the chance to surround myself with people who are not only some of society’s current leaders but who are also the leaders who are continuously striving to better themselves.

I endeavour to discover what it is that makes them great leaders, or innovative leadership practitioners, to see if I can see myself in them, and for some of their qualities or wisdom to perhaps rub off on me!

I am currently (pre-WLD) asking myself ‘who are the leaders of today and why are they the way that they are?’

I see myself as someone who may one day be able to pioneer change or at least lead a group of people to produce the best work possible as a team.

However, when I look at many of the visible leaders I see in society (CEOs, politicians and head teachers both in person and in the media), I do not see myself or my personality in any of them. Why is that?

Is it because:

  1. They were born with set traits which are those that define a good leader and I do not have them?
  2. People like me who don’t naturally possess such traits then learn the set necessary skills required to become a leader; we learn to fit the mould?
  3. There are many different types of leaders, some are just less visible?
  4. There are many different types of leader, it is just that when they present themselves to the masses/ people very junior, they are showing just one side of themselves?
  5. There is no mould and it is poor understanding/misperception on my part?
  6. Other…?

I would like to learn more about what it takes to be a good leader and what I need to do to become one.