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Steps to an Ecology of Soul: from chapter 9


[blockquote line1=”Mario van Boeschoten” line2=”Organisational developer and Oasis mentor”]Everything you see around you is the consequence of someone having an idea.[/blockquote]

Responding to new demands

In a product-driven world it is necessary to remind ourselves that we are led by ideas. Without clear conceptual frameworks we will not make the kinds of progress necessary to meet the demands of the times we are living in, with the breakdown in institutional arrangements and an unprecedented withdrawal of interest in conventional political action.

This is not simply a time of change but of major transition from one social era to another. However the contours of the new are not yet apparent. We are, therefore, looking into something far-reaching, thus raising the question, ‘How do we want our organisations to respond to the changing tasks that are before them?’

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