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Steps to an Ecology of Soul: Conclusion


We are all going to have to wake up, if we are to stand a chance of making it through the crisis that faces us all.

The bigger picture

Philippe de Woot, as I have understood his writing and his views, recognises that we are going to need not only to act differently but also to think differently, if we are to act differently enough, given what we face – and that we are going to have to do that for just about everything. In our world (the Oasis School of Human Relations), we would recognise this as something that goes well beyond a paradigm shift and moves us into ‘seeking’ a new world view.

No one group can claim expertise to do that; nor the authority and warrant to execute it. Hence the need for others in their own spheres of activity to be addressing these large concerns in their own way and as best they can.

Some of the implications that follow from the perspective outlined here are clear: “the need of global governance to help  implementing sustainable development” (Philippe de Woot), for example. This is the task of citizenship in its widest sense: political activity, social forums and so on – all the interlocking
mechanisms that make up a vibrant civil society.

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