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Steps to an Ecology of Soul: Chapter 4


[blockquote line1=”Carolyn Myss”]

The basis for being whole is self-esteem. In getting people to learn to ask questions you are creating trouble for yourself, because they will start asking questions of you.


In learning to be sensitive to the message of the soul, we are learning to turn inwards, learning to listen in new ways, learning to develop an inner authority, and learning to put aside obedience to external power and influences which have been adopted uncritically in the past.

So the development of inner listening is a recognition of our primary heritage that all authority comes from within. One major way we learn to listen to our inner knowing is intuition, which, in turn, is linked to imagination and inspiration. These three are intertwined, interdependent aspects of embarking upon the transition from depending upon external sources of authority to becoming aware of and trusting one’s own inner authority.

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