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Steps to an Ecology of Soul: Chapter 3


“It is the intensity of the longing that does all the work… Where we are going is here.” Kabir

Awareness: from seeker to seer

The individual journey is an essential pre-requisite for embarking upon the ‘we’ journey. Many are tempted by the ‘we’ concept yet in order to embrace this fully and effectively the individual needs to be grounded, centred and connected, and this occurs through paying attention to the inner personal journey.

To begin with there is little awareness of what the authentic self is and the seeker starts out believing they are not enough. There is no reference point other than their low self-esteem and so they can’t trust anything. It is this place we have to get beyond and it is through the search – the inner journey – that they realise they are enough, but this will not happen until we reach a place of having no agenda and stop having the need to follow a conventional path.

Those who seek you out and those who find you, just as those who are attracted to you and those you attract, are all swapping fakes – they may look genuine but they can’t be. Why would they be looking for someone to trade with, if they had it in themselves? When the awareness that ‘I am enough’ is reached there is no longer any need to look for any perceived deficiency in someone else and no need, either, for others to do the same to you.

You can give to yourself – you have what you need: you are enough.

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