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Steps to an Ecology of Soul: 14


Developing Globally Responsible Leaders

Be careful what you ask for; you may just get it and then you have to deal with what comes.

Moving towards globally responsible leadership

Few people use the term Planetary Citizen in the comprehensive and demanding sense of the commitment espoused in this book. This dilution of
meaning applies equally to globally responsible leadership. The phrase rolls off the tongue well, but what might we mean when using it?

The concept is elusive and the margin for assumption great, making it all too easy to believe that the person employing the phrase has a similar conceptual sense of whatever it means as we do ourselves, and since few of us have really bothered to unpack this colossal container, it has an easy life and many adherents.

I’ve come to an understanding, and it changes as new experiences confront me, that at the present time the idea of the Planetary Citizen precedes a sense of what globally responsible leadership might mean. In other words, we need to have a working understanding of what it means to be a Planetary Citizen if we wish to undertake globally responsible leadership, and before getting into that idea, the concepts of responsibility and practice need to be addressed. We need to recognise and acknowledge that each one of us is the instrument of the work we do, and that in most endeavours responsible practice is an arduous undertaking.

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