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Steps to an Ecology of Soul 10: Planetary Citizenship


If not now – WHEN?
If not us, then WHO?
Think Big – Start Small – Act Now

Never leave a meeting without a commitment to action

First WHO – then WHAT– then HOW and always WHEN

Planetary Citizen: beginnings

I first heard the term ‘Planetary Citizen’ in a conversation with John Heron in 1991 or so. At the time I thought the phrase ‘poetic’ and somewhat grand so I did not take it too seriously. (What did I know! But I was soon to learn.) John’s journeys between New Zealand and his home near Volterra in northern Italy, and my visits to him there each year for over a decade (for week-long peer life-review sessions) were the occasions when the idea of what it meant to lay claim to be a Planetary Citizen began to take hold.

I came to realise through those conversations how John expressed in his own life what the demanding commitment of being a Planetary Citizen implied. As I came to understand it, it was to be for and to be unequivocally for; it was subtle and above all it was comprehensive. It meant being for the most intentional form of self-directing, self-creating and self-transfiguring form of living of which he was capable. My first example of a Planetary Citizen offered me a very high order of example and vocation, should I seek to follow.

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