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Speaking in public: confidence and impact

Corinna Powlesland

Actress, personal impact coach and Oasis facilitator Corinna Powlesland talks about how to do this when speaking in public.

Speak to be Heard is a brilliant two-day programme that’s designed to increase your personal impact in a way that’s authentic to you.

You’ll learn tools and techniques that will enable you to feel empowered and equipped to be seen and heard when it matters the most to you, whether that’s speaking up in a meeting, giving a presentation, chairing a board, or just getting your voice heard in a room full of big egos.

Over the two days you’ll gain a way of being that gives you the best possible chance of being heard in a world full of competing agendas.

Speak to be Heard is energising, fun and gently challenging, bringing out the best in you so you feel more confident and more able to command greater influence through your voice and your physical presence.

The programme is co-facilitated with Glyn Fussell, Oasis co-director, and has been running successfully for a number of years.

Previous participant Katherine Proctor, of Yorkshire Housing, said: “I came away feeling clear about what I need to practise and focus on in order to ooze confidence and be comfortable with my voice and presence. It was fascinating, interesting, reflective, inspiring and totally relevant. I would never have imagined you could make so much progress with self-confidence from a two-day course.”

And Tom Goodhand, of Bettys & Taylors Group, said: “What I learnt – and how I felt at the end of Speak to be Heard – far surpassed my expectations. I left feeling more confident and at ease with myself and my own voice, and can already feel a positive impact to my work and home life.”

You can find out more about the programme by visiting the page Speak to be Heard or by getting in touch with Charlotte at the Oasis centre on 01937 541700, to arrange a chat with one of the facilitators.