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Resolving to work together on resilience and wellbeing

RAW Resilience and Wellbeing Network

Organisations have recognised for a long time that wellbeing is critical to their productivity. Now 2017 sees Yorkshire organisations that understand this coming together to form a new vibrant network that will prototype and discover what drives significant, steady and sustained improvements.

The Oasis Resilience and Wellbeing Network reaches thousands of employees across Yorkshire, covering sectors including digital, housing, childcare, legal services, financial services, human services, and health and safety professionals. Pioneering founder members include Engage Interactive and Skipton Building Society.

Award-winning Engage Interactive were founded in 2007 and are based in Leeds. They are a full range digital services agency, with a reputation for consistently delivering world-class digital strategies for some of the UK’s leading brands. They were named as one of seven agencies considered “ones to watch” in Econsultancy’s latest Top 100 Agencies report.

Skipton Building Society, with 2,100 employees, have been helping people save for the future since 1853. They are one of the UK’s largest building societies and are one of the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For.

Alex Willcocks, Director of Engage Interactive, said: “With the global economy having dealt its fair share of surprises over the last year, the importance of organisations to learn to adapt quickly to change, challenges and even setbacks is proving more essential than ever. Being part of the RAW network provides us a framework to effectively build these skills by sharing and developing robust approaches to resilience and wellbeing with likeminded businesses, so together we can thrive, not just survive.”

Chris Worts, Head of People Services at Skipton Building Society, said: “Resilience at both an organisational and personal level is critical to success in our constantly evolving environment. The ability to withstand the knocks and to learn from them is an important prerequisite to being the best we can be. There is an increasing awareness of the fundamental importance of physical and mental wellbeing in enabling our people to fulfil their potential and contribute consistently to delivering great outcomes for our customers.”

The network is run by Oasis School of Human Relations, a global innovator in engaging the whole person at work.

Lise Ribeiro, Head of Whole Person Working for Oasis, said: “The network is attracting those that want to challenge traditional thinking and shape innovative practice. It’s for organisations, whether they have three employees or three thousand, that have a commitment to wellbeing at work and learning from each other.”

By creating learning relationships, network members will share what works for them, what they need to commit to and how to help employees take responsibility for their own resilience and wellbeing.

You can find out more by contacting us by email, calling us on 01937 541700 or reading about the Resilience and Wellbeing Network.