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RAW Resilience, Adaptability & Wellbeing Network

Creating sparks through resilience and wellbeing: a network of multi-sector organisations with a commitment to sharing ideas, shaping new ways of working and learning from emerging good practice.

Building strong, open and informed relationships encourages resilience and wellbeing for people and their organisations.

Being part of the RAW – Resilience, Adaptability and Wellbeing Network gives you the chance to come together with diverse peers on a regular basis to share learning and emerging good practice. You can also take advantage of our expertise and over 30 years’ experience in this field.

Enhance wellbeing

Get a broader perspective on wellbeing and learn from others

Increase resilience

Sustained improvements to enable your organisation to thrive

Staff retention

Build on the potential of your people

Learning to adapt quickly to change, challenges and even setbacks is proving more essential than ever. Being part of the RAW network provides us a framework to effectively build these skills by sharing and developing robust approaches to resilience and wellbeing with like-minded businesses, so together we can thrive, not just survive.

Alex WillcocksDirector, Engage Interactive

Download the RAW brochure (4Mb)

Find out more about what’s included and ways to make the most of your membership.

Successful resilience, adaptability and wellbeing requires a tailored approach in organisations. It can often feel overwhelming knowing where to start. Reputation, compliance, sustainability, innovation are all motivators for doing more to cultivate resilience and wellbeing.

When organisations join the RAW network they get access to the wisdom, experience, thoughts and perspectives of many other organisations motivated to come together on a regular basis to share learning and explore best practice.

As part of their annual membership, members attend four facilitated events throughout the year, receive access to a private online community for sharing ideas, monthly wellbeing newsletters for employees, and quarterly newsletters for commissioners. They also benefit from two free places for our Skills for Change two-day programme, a one-hour RAW audit session, and discount on room hire.


Benefits of Being Part of the RAW Network

  • Develop a wider lens on your environment. Expand your knowledge base and get a broader perspective on wellbeing issues.
  • Learn from others’ good practices. Saving time, energy and resources.
  • Shape strategic commitments towards your RAW vision.
  • Think big, act small and start now. Apply an intrapreneurial approach to make significant changes to performance.
  • Learn and develop within a network that nurtures trust, openness and working with underlying challenges.
  • Deeper connectivity. We will encourage and create opportunities for you to connect more deeply with your peers both inside and outside the network.

Details of RAW Network events can be found here

Resilience at both an organisational and personal level is critical to success. The ability to withstand knocks and to learn from them is an important prerequisite to being the best we can be. There is an increasing awareness of the fundamental importance of physical and mental wellbeing in enabling our people to fulfil their potential and contribute consistently to delivering great outcomes for our customers.

Chris WortsHead of People Services, Skipton Building Society

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