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ferris bueller

ferris bueller

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Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.


Slowing down, stopping and looking around gives leaders the space to benefit from focusing on six key development areas:

  • Self awareness – and just as importantly, awareness of others and of the challenging context you are working and living in. Working with questions such as: What is going on internally for me? How does this influence the way I operate? What patterns do I fall into and how can I break these?
  • Resilience – how to build internal capacity for change and to get onto the ‘front foot’ rather than always reacting to pace, challenge and complexity. Learning not only to cope with uncertainty but to welcome the opportunities this can create.
  • Real strategies – what works, what doesn’t work – and what else could I try? You have more choices than you think and more choice creates more energy for things to be different.
  • Relationship – working and learning with others harnesses the diversity of age, background and experience to create new approaches. Realising that you are not alone in what you face in the world of work. Creating opportunities to work with affirming others as peers, recognising that whilst we may share similar or the same issues we can see them with different perspectives.
  • Practice – we are surrounded by theory, buzz words and the latest management initiative – ‘this time it will really make a difference’; it rarely does. There is no substitute for taking the time to immerse yourself in new ideas and techniques – it’s only in the practice of these with others in a learning environment that you discover what works and what will sustain you.
  • Reflection – the art of taking time to stop and think. Space to make sense of what is happening in all aspects of leadership, life and the learning process.

Our leadership programmes are unique development opportunities which bring together individuals from different organisations and contexts.

Over the space of a year, you will be able to explore personal development objectives, your relationship with leadership and consider changes you would like to make in your life and work.

Past participants have used the experience to discover how to connect more positively with their demanding roles at work as well as working out how to balance ambition and achievement with the all important aspect of balance with home-life and well-being.

So the invitation is to follow the advice of Ferris Beuller and take a look around at what you might be missing!

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