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I: We: Us – the ‘I’ Dimension

Insights into Oasis

When you consider what tenacity previous generations have given that has enabled us to have life today, it is a truly remarkable story of courage and determination.

Our approach to life can be adolescent, defeatist, distrustful, power-mad, isolated and compulsive. It can also be joyful, trusting, compassionate, purposeful and revelatory; mature in its long-reaching effects and life-giving in the way it gives back to an individual or society as much as is taken.

We have greater opportunities to be freer and awake to ourselves and each other than ever before.

This calls on us to be open to a wider perspective that is cultivated and earned, an essential endless sense of humour and never ending willingness to have courageous conversations with ourselves, others and the wider community we serve.
William Blake, poet and engraver, called this sense of dedication a firm persuasion (a self-knowledge) – to feel that what we do is right for the ‘I’ and good for our work in the world. This synergy is one of the great gifts of human existence.

It not only about what we do, it is also about who we become.

In Steps to an Ecology of Soul, Bryce offers guidance, sophisticated thinking and down-to-earth instruction in inviting us to explore and adventure with ourselves in developing the language of the ‘I’, as essential steps to enable the both deeper and wider conversations with ourselves and others.