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Deep Culture Change

essential aspects of organisational life

For a few organisations, they have to go further.

A new paradigm is not enough, they face the challenge of having to develop and work within a changing worldview, the most challenging of all change requirements.

Areas for focus

Organisational necessities

In understanding any organisation most of us grasp the role and nature of those aspects needed for it to function – the need to understand the changing context it operates within, knowing what it wants to accomplish and by what core processes and mechanisms, what style of leadership and management it chooses to employ, how to meet the needs of the stakeholders, and how it best utilises its resources.

Whilst all these elements can be applied in a myriad of ways, most organisations know how to manage them. If you are struggling with some of them it is likely that you need to engage with managing change.

Managing culture change

Fewer grasp the deeper processes of culture change.

When change calls for not only fundamentally different ways of working but also a significantly different worldview many traditional approaches that rely on power and control break down.

It is in the field of engaged, participative and collaborative change that Oasis brings its greatest commitment and experience.

Human relations

The third aspect is the murkier world of affective competence and relationships.

When experienced leaders are asked which of the three aspects they would like to focus on, it is this that is most often called for. Working effectively with the interpersonal shadowy world is at the heart of developing healthier organisations that achieve their purpose in the world.

Oasis designs and develops approaches to people and organisations that enable whole organisation change, not in a neat and orderly approach but one that aligns with the human nature of the entities we create to live and work within.

To find out more about our approaches to people and organisations contact info@oasishumanrelations.org.uk or call 01937 541700.