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Coach Supervision and the Importance of Language

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She talks to Marta Anna Petrasova, an executive coach and coach supervisor based in the Czech Republic, about peer supervision.

Benita has been involved in a multilingual peer supervision group using English as the method of communication.

She says: “It is rigorous and co-operative, a place where we courageously navigate our use of language in the often choppy waters of our history, roots, culture, methodologies and case work.

“It particularly interests me to notice the transitional space between one’s native language and those of others. We all have a particular syntax of perceptions, alongside the structure of the self which any language imposes The shifts that take place are subtle and not easy to pin down in the structure of language, the self and subsequent limits of one’s inner or outer worlds.”

Benita holds peer supervision groups for both the Association of Coaching and Oasis. We are delighted that she has chosen to run a supervision Community of Practice with us, starting in January.

Find out more about the Group Peer Super-Vision Community of Practice.