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The latest Oasis Foundation newsletter is out now.

A quiet interlude since our last Newsletter perhaps is a welcome change amidst the constant bombardment of the 24 hour news cycle and social media posts. Don’t let the quietness fool anyone, behind the scenes it has been a very full nine months for the Foundation.

In this edition you can read about the activities you have supported:

Our global work continues, with our newly appointed Foundation Director working in Georgia with COMMIT, through our partnership with the GRLI, supporting young leaders in applying Whole Person Learning approaches. In Africa, we are relentless in our commitment to effectively managing and bringing the funds raised for Uganda and West Africa to the best uses possible to develop the inner resilience of communities, especially women and children. More of this in the latest updates from Zena reporting from Kampala.

Chris Taylor gives a flavour of our first ‘New Year New Story’ capturing the inspirational powers of individuals as catalysts for change. Nick highlights the 6th Annual PEER Works intensive with more social change participants than ever before, all committed to peer based work that serves the client and harnesses freedom and responsibility in their practice. Lise provides an update on The Steel Initiative which moves from strength to strength serving more small organisations engaged in social justice and social change, resulting in more staff being offered 1–1 help as a way of building their resilience when the going gets tough.

As well as news of some of our previous beneficiaries, the newsletter makes a few announcements too. This month we have launched ‘Power at the Periphery’, building on our partnership with the award winning Reclaim, a recipient of a Foundation 1-1 Fellowship in their early years.

Back around the kitchen table of the Foundation, the trustees have managed a series of transitions in their own working arrangements. Following the AGM, the Trustees warmly welcomed Ian Barnett as the new Chair of the Trustees, and have brought the experience and commitment of Chris Taylor to the role of Foundation Director (voluntary basis). Nick stood down as Chair and remains a trustee and key link to the Oasis School of Human Relations.

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